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December 3 – 12, 2013

I will be featuring posts from my artwork and writings!

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Scott County Art Crawl

I’ll be showing my artwork and studio this weekend at the Scott County Art Crawl.  On Friday night (9/30) our studio will be serving wine and snacks from 5-9.  We will be there all day Saturday (10/1) from 9-5.  You can download a map at  ( I am artist #2 located at the Savage Art Studios & Gallery)

Here is one of my recent paintings:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Living With Uncertainty

This morning I was in yoga class and there was a pose that I was finding really difficult, in fact, it hurt in one small spot on my hip, and I began to wonder what that was all about.  I asked myself, “If that pain meant something, what would it be?  The answer that sounded back was, “Uncertainty”.


So for the rest of the class, I contemplated how to release uncertainty in my life (and in my hip).  It occurred to me that I fight uncertainty in my life….I try to have all the contingencies handled; all the angles looked at and manage all the possible outcomes.  Although handling some of those things is a good, prudent idea, I also find that after all those questions are answered, I still vacillate, and attempt to take care of ALL the uncertainty.  Well, that’s not possible, but then, I do nothing or very little waiting for the perfect time when it seems “safe” to act.


The insight I got during class, is that what needs to happen at that point is to embrace the uncertainty and dive in.  Today, I am going to embrace the uncertainty and play “full out” knowing that some of the uncertainty brings something EVEN BETTER than I thought.  I’ll live in that possibility.

Who Are Your Spirit Guides?

Your Spirit Guides are the distinct voices that you hear that have the highest and best purpose for you in mind for all things.  It is the place where you and God intersect.  Many faith traditions have wonderful practices of speaking with God.  Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to access that voice, understand it, or discern that they have heard the “right” voice.  Spirit Guides can act as supporter, encourager, voice of reason, and guide through our human experience.  In working with many people in casting their guides, we have discovered a few things.  One is that your guides are actually collectives of voices, so by casting individual Spirit Guides for specific projects, you can bring out the best voice for the project you are working with.  Another thing we have discovered is that you can access the main voice of your collective instantly; I like to call that voice your “Internal Virtual Assistant”.  Your IVA can serve as THE voice when you need a quick answer.  Third, we discovered that your Guides are more likely to answer you when you ask questions in a very specific fashion, that is purposeful, positive and concrete.


Do this now:  Take a deep breath, close your eyes and ask “What is the most purposeful thing I can accomplish today?” Now, before your brain jumps in and answers, listen for a word or phrase that just “pops” in your head.  That is the voice of your IVA.  The answer will be loving, doable, and for your highest good.

When you walk through the full 10 point system of asking in my Spirit Guide Catching course, you will find that you get consistent results in your life.  But the first step is to ASK, then LISTEN.

Why Connect With Your Spirit Guides?

Have you ever wondered what to do, how to do it, when to do it and for how long?  Big questions about why you are here, your purpose and direction.  Traditional ways of discovering these things like answering questions about your past, looking for clues, praying and thinking about an answer often don’t get to the core of the TRUTH for you!   Because guidance often comes in pictures, dreams, metaphors and signs, it can be difficult to translate and decipher what they mean.  When you have cast your group of Spirit Guides, you get direct answers to your questions, AND with some understanding and practice, you can find out what you are to DO.

So here is something you can do right now to connect with your Guidance system:  Take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Imagine a favorite relative who loves you is sitting in the chair next to you.  Smile at them and they smile back.  Now ask them, “What do you love about me?” and listen for the answer.  Before your brain blurts out an answer, you should receive a loving response.  Revel in their answer.  Thank them and open your eyes.  Doesn’t that feel good?  That is how it feels to be connected with your Spirit Guides on a regular basis.

What Is True Spirit Works?

True spirit works is a fun, creative and interactive way to connect to your TRUE spirit, your TRUE work, your TRUE relationships, and your TRUE body. It is designed as a launch off point for your life as a connected, on-fire, in-action, ROCK STAR of your life.


Start with the Free SPIRIT course above, “Three Keys to Connecting With and Getting Results from Your Spirit Guides.” Check out the paintings in the “Portfolio”, and consider having Jean speak at your next Retreat. Retreats are a great place to renew, relax and get clear. Jean will add a creative, fun and meaningful purpose to your next retreat event. When you are ready, take the “Spirit Guide Catching” course where you will meet your Spirit Guides and get really clear on your life’s direction. Look around, have fun and contact me if you have any questions!



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