How to Be an Intuitive Artist

I get asked this question all the time…How can I be an intuitive artist?… if you look around the internet, you will find a lot of different definitions and approaches to being an intuitive artist.   For me, I believe all art is a gift from God, and how I access it it through an intuitive process.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Set a Powerful Intention
  2. Show Up
  3. Set the Stage
  4. Step into the  Light
  5. Start the Party
  6. Stay With It

When I do these steps, a color field flows down and the painting really “paints” itself.  So let’s break that down so you can use some of these steps in your unique creating process.

One: Set a Powerful Intention….It goes without saying that without your intent to create, there will be no creation; however, there is an art to setting a really powerful intention.  I could write an entire book on this, but let’s get it to it’s simplest form:  Be clear, be specific and be true.  Here is one that I often use:  I am creating a work of art that will resonant and create value for it’s purchaser.

Two: Show Up.  This may seem simple, but for some artists and creators, they live in their heads and the busyness of the world and don’t show up to get the work done.  It is crutial that you show up clear and undistracted to do your work.  I do this by having a separate studio space.  I painted for years at my home studio, but I just didn’t get there often enough.  Choose a space and go there, often.  I paint a minimum of 3 times a week….it’s on my calendar and is an appointment I rarely break.

Three:  Set the Stage.  Have the materials, supplies and space set up to work.  Setting up my pallette with the right colors and mediums is part of this step.  Lighting and music can also be a powerful part of the set.  I often turn on the music first in my studio and let the tones fill the space before I do anything else.  That puts my head in the right place and  helps clear out distractions.

Four:  Step into the Light.  Just like an actor steps into the light of the stage, I imagine a large spotlight coming from the heavens to illuminate my easel.  I step into that light and I am in the space to connect to my highest form of Guidance….my Soul’s connection.  I am ready to hear, feel and experience that guidance and take action on it.

Five: Start the Party.  The first pallette knife of paint on the canvas I place quickly without any thought….simply pure consciousness flowing with paint.  After I put down the first colors, I step back to look and see who came to the party.  This is the trust of working with my Soul Guidance system.    If you want more insight on working with your Soul’s Guidance System, sign up above for the Free Course, 3 Keys to Connecting to Your Soul’s Guidance System.

Six: Stay With It. There is a point in every painting that it isn’t working, the colors are wrong, there seems to by nothing inspired about it.  This is the tenacity point….now it’s time to just push through and stick with it and keep painting and listening for guidance.

This is a brief overview of how it works.  Over the next few months, I’ll give some more insights about each of the steps.  In the meantime, go out and be creative!  and Have fun!


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