Artist in Residence at Accent Arts

My paintings are hanging in the window at Accent Arts Creative Framing at 1618 Lake Street in Minneapolis.  I am thrilled to be an Artist in Residence and in partnership at this amazing Framing store.  Accent Arts has been in business there for years and at the end of June the building will be torn down to make way for more condos…..did we need more condos in uptown?

I’ll keep you updated on the new location as soon as it’s determined.  In the meantime, make your way uptown and make sure to stop in and see Greg at Accent Art.  Better yet, what framing do you need done?  Greg does a fantastic job at framing–paintings, photographs and shadow boxes.   You will love the skill, precision and artistic eye that he brings to framing.

See you soon!

Front Window of Accent Arts

Front Window of Accent Arts



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