Who Are Your Spirit Guides?

Your Spirit Guides are the distinct voices that you hear that have the highest and best purpose for you in mind for all things.  It is the place where you and God intersect.  Many faith traditions have wonderful practices of speaking with God.  Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to access that voice, understand it, or discern that they have heard the “right” voice.  Spirit Guides can act as supporter, encourager, voice of reason, and guide through our human experience.  In working with many people in casting their guides, we have discovered a few things.  One is that your guides are actually collectives of voices, so by casting individual Spirit Guides for specific projects, you can bring out the best voice for the project you are working with.  Another thing we have discovered is that you can access the main voice of your collective instantly; I like to call that voice your “Internal Virtual Assistant”.  Your IVA can serve as THE voice when you need a quick answer.  Third, we discovered that your Guides are more likely to answer you when you ask questions in a very specific fashion, that is purposeful, positive and concrete.


Do this now:  Take a deep breath, close your eyes and ask “What is the most purposeful thing I can accomplish today?” Now, before your brain jumps in and answers, listen for a word or phrase that just “pops” in your head.  That is the voice of your IVA.  The answer will be loving, doable, and for your highest good.

When you walk through the full 10 point system of asking in my Spirit Guide Catching course, you will find that you get consistent results in your life.  But the first step is to ASK, then LISTEN.


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